San Antone by Bludso’s BBQ

Crown Melbourne, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank
03 9292 5524
American, Bar Food, BBQ


  • BBQ Loaded Fries
  • Beef Brisket
  • Pulled Pork
  • Half Chicken
  • Chicken Sausage
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Texas Beef Chilli
  • Tangy Coleslaw

The Good

We started off with the BBQ Loaded Fries and were suitably impressed. Exceptionally cheesy, the outer layer of melted cheese gave way to some very crunchy and well-seasoned chips that were crispy on the outer, soft and mushy within. This was well complemented by a generous amount of soft and juicy pulled pork that was smothered in a smokey BBQ-sauce. Flavours and textures, this had it all and were definitely the highlight of the evening.

We also enjoyed the Beef Brisket. Soft and tender, the protein easily fell apart. Combined with a good amount of fatty bits, the flavour was bold and a hint of smokiness permeated throughout. While not as juicy as we’d hoped, the meat was most definitely enjoyable especially when complemented by some BBQ sauce.

The Chicken Sausage didn’t disappoint either. Loaded with fatty chicken protein and jalapenos, the sausage was exceptionally spicy and well seasoned. With each bite, you were rewarded with a juicy and tender burst of spiciness that leaves you wanting for more.

Our platter was served with sides of Mac and Cheese, Texas Beef Chilli, and Tangy Coleslaw, all of which were enjoyable in their own right. The Mac and Cheese was soft and gooey, with good cheesy flavour throughout. Complementing this was the bold Texas Beef Chilli that was loaded with a gravy-like, flavoursome mixture of ground beef and beans. The Coleslaw on the other hand directly juxtaposed these heavy sides by adding a refreshing and light twist to the meal.

The Mediocre

We found the Half Chicken rather pedestrian in comparison. Despite exhibiting a nice smokey flavour throughout, we felt that the whole experience was lacking. The chicken skin wasn’t crispy as we’d hoped, nor was the inside as juicy as it could’ve been. While not tough or dry by any means, there was nothing much that separates the chicken here from anywhere else.

The Bad

It was such a shame that the Pulled Pork was so comically inconsistent. The first batch that we got was tough, chewy and very dry, so much so that we had to send it back. The second batch was a lot better in respect of moisture and tenderness, though half of the portion we received was pure lard.

The Verdict

Overall San Antone offers up a decent, though not impressive spread of slow cooked meats. While some cuts were definitely tastier than others, the execution was undeniably inconsistent and made for a mixed experience.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Maybe. There’s an increasing number of smokehouses in and around Melbourne that offer up a far more consistent experience though.

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