Platform 7

31 Railway Parade North, Glen Waverley
03 8658 3530
Breakfast, Cafe, Coffee, Coffee and Tea, Modern Australian


  • Chargrilled Spiced Spatchcock
  • Yuzu Poached Salmon
  • P7 Espresso Martini
  • Hash Hot Chocolate
  • Matcha Latte

The Good

The P7 Espresso Martini was a great start to the evening. With two whole shots of espresso within, the coffee flavour was bold and forward. The pleasant aftertaste of the coffee was complemented by a citrius undertone, which is derived from the extracts of mandarins, lemon myrtles and mountain peppers. This was definitely one of the more interesting espresso martinis we’ve ever sampled, and we welcome the fruity addition to this cocktail.

The Chargrilled Spiced Spatchcock was stunningly presented and was the highlight of the night. Butterflied and roasted to perfection, the slightly crispy, lightly charred outer skin enclosed protein that was incredibly soft and delicate. Without a hint of coarsness or dryness, the meat within was tender and well-seasoned. Sitting underneath and contrasting the softness were the crunch of the asparagus and dutch carrots. However we didn’t quite understand why the wedges were placed underneath and drowning in sauce, which in extremely soggy and limp potatoes.

The Yuzu Poached Salmon was also enjoyable though failed to excite. The salmon was cooked to a pleasant tenderness, though not overly so. However, we felt that more seasoning or marinades could’ve been used to enhance the flavours as part of the sous vide process, as we were barely able to differentiate the yuzu within. The peas and peas puree were done well, with the puree smooth and creamy contrasted by the crunchy freshness of the peas itself. Compounded with the earthiness of the beetroot and the confit fennel, this dish was well balanced in both flavours and textures.

We concluded the evening with the aptly famous and photo-worthy Hash Hot Chocolate. Borrowed from their sister cafe Hash Specialty Coffee, the dark Mork chocolate was heated and served warm, separate from the actual drinking mug. Pouring the hot chocolate onto the mountain that was fairy floss, towering high above the mug, was a theatrical though messy endeavour. After all the pomp and circumstance, you are rewarded with a rich and creamy chocolate that was slightly dark, though not overly bitter and well balanced in sweetness. Quite delicious I must admit and a perfect conclusion to the meal.

The Mediocre

We found the Matcha Latte rather lackluster. Given its bright green appearance, we were expecting a strong, full-bodied matcha experience. Instead, the drink was unexpectedly watery and lacking in flavour, matcha or milk.
Despite the dishes generally being well-executed and tasty, portion sizes definitely left much to be desired especially given then $30+ price tag. For example, the greens served alongside each main was less than generous on this occasion.

The Bad


The Verdict

Platform 7 is an interesting addition to the already vibrant food scene in Glen Waverley. A wee bit off the main hustle and bustle of the main Kingsway strip, Platform 7 is no ordinary eatery that tries to get patrons in and out in a hurry. Instead, it offers a laid-back atmosphere with a very hip street-art theme.

The near-flawless execution of quality ingredients is definitely a point of differentiation for the eatery, though make no mistake that you will definitely pay a premium for the higher quality meals.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Sure. We’d be back for more of that spatchcock for sure!

Penguineats would like to thank Platform 7 for inviting us.

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