Resto Bobo

110 Chapel Street, Windsor
03 8657 8534


  • Canapes – Flavours of:
    • Cheese Board
    • Salade Alsacienne
  • Tarte Flambee:
    • Traditionelle Ail-Cibo
    • La Belle Vie
    • Blueberry Smashee

The Good

We started off with various canapes, all incredibly exciting in terms of flavours and is designed to mimic the effect offered by the various entrees and salads on offer. Our absolute favourite was undoubtedly the Goat’s Cheese with Apricot, which was supposed to represent the various flavours of the cheese board. Served on an airy and light biscuit, the sweetness of the apricot jam perfectly juxtaposed the pungent sensation of the goats cheese.

Another canape that caught our attention was one that mimicked the taste of Salade Alsacienne. With a rocket puree served on a thin and cheesy biscuit, the canape was topped with an abundance of crispy and flavoursome smoked bacon. With the pine nuts providing extra crunch, and the sweetness of the cranberries and zing of the vinaigrette providing a kick in flavours, the components all worked remarkably well together and created a rather unique sensory experience.

We weren’t disappointed by arguably the most important dishes we sampled, the Tarte Flambes. Essentially a French rendition of the common pizza, the base was incredibly thin and crispy. The square slices were delicate, and just managed to hold the weight of the light toppings above.

The La Belle Vie was a cheese-lover’s dream, topped with a rather pungent and very bold Bleu d’Auvergne French blue cheese, the savoury flavours were well balanced by the sweetness of the vanilla poached pear. On the other hand, the Traditionnelle Ail-Cibo provided a heavier and richer sensation. The meaty smoked bacon provided great flavour, which was well complemented by an abundance of chives and Emmental cheese.

The Mediocre

We felt that the Blueberry Smashee Tarte Flambee was less spectacular. Despite the abundance of fresh blueberries topping the pastry, it felt lacking in terms of sweetness and creaminess. A cream or a thick syrup of some sort would really bring this to life.

The Bad


The Verdict

With such a diverse food scene, its next to impossible to bring a unique addition to the already culturally varied Melbourne. However owner Dan has done just that, and offers everyday Melbournians a taste of the Tarte Flambe, an irresistible staple that he treasured during his four-year venture in Strausbourg, France.

With an aim to combine French authenticity and Melbournian flavours, the resultant Tarte Flabmes offered up excitable flavours with an undeniably European feel, one that we very much enjoyed.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Sure. These Tarte Flambes were designed as a snack best devoured with friends, and a glass of wine, and share we will!

Penguineats would like to thank Resto Bobo and Frankie & Eveie Communications for inviting us.

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