Truman Cafe

381 Montague Street, Albert Park
03 9077 1372


  • Smoked Ham Hock Eggs Benedict
  • Middle Eastern Breakfast
  • Berry Bliss Hotcakes
  • The King Smoothie

The Good

It was an incredible start with the Smoked Ham Hock Eggs Benedict. Topped with an abundance of peri peri hollandaise, underneath we found two perfectly poached eggs, with the yolk beautifully spilling down under. Arguably the best bit of the dish was of course the smoked ham hock, which was irrationally flavoursome and bursting with a meaty and smokey sensation. This was contrasted by the crispy potato hash, where its crunchy, golden brown outer enclosed a soft her texturally diverse inner, which consisted of a mixture of crunchy strands and creamy mashed potatoes. All the savoury components were contrasted by the sweetness of the pineapple salsa, providing a sweet refreshing taste

The Middle Eastern Breakfast was no less delicious. Served on a crispy and lightly charred pita, generous portions of crispy falafel, creamy hummus, sunny side up, perfectly fried eggs and an earthy beetroot babaghanoush were liberally heaped on top. Unapologetically bold flavours and a diverse range of textures undoubtedly made this dish pop, and the fresh ingredients, especially that smoked fennel and promotes are salad which provides delightful bursts of sweetness.

We also enjoyed the Berry Bliss Hotcakes. Beautifully presented, the two-high stack of pancakes exhibited great height. This was topped with a creamy and incredibly smooth acai mascarpone that was flavourful and fresh. With a generous amount of sweet blueberries embedded within the hot cakes, they were incredibly fluffy and pillowy, with an almost sponge-like feedback that soaked up all the creamy mascarpone. The moisture and fruity sensation made these some of the tastiest hotcakes we’ve come accross.

Another highlight must be The King smoothie. Loaded with an abundance of banana and peanut butter, this was any peanut butter lovers dream come true. The blended raw muesli, coupled with bananas, ensured an incredibly thick consistency that made it akin to slurping up yoghurt. While the drizzle of maple syrup provided a hint of sweetness that juxtaposes the slight savoury sensation of the peanut butter.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

A cute little cafe situated next to the peaceful Albert Park Lake, Truman Cafe is a cosy neighbourhood gem that served up a thoroughly delicious and enjoyable breakfast fair.

With creative hints of Middle-Eastern twists thrown in here and there, the menu offers up much more than just your standard eggs on toast, and provides an undeniably satisfying sensory experience, both in taste and in beauty.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Most definitely. I’m definitely ordering myself one of those Avocado Lattes next time!

Penguineats would like to thank Truman Cafe and Taking A Bite for inviting us.

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