Heritage Wall

768 Burke Road, Camberwell
03 9995 3168
Breakfast, Cafe, Coffee, Coffee and Tea


  • Cured Trout
  • Golden Folded Eggs
  • Banana Bread
  • Flat White
  • Chai Latte
  • Go Green Smoothie

The Good

We were immediately impressed with the Golden Folded Eggs. The simple yet elegant presentation made way for an incredibly tasty dish. Whole slices of fresh avocado stood tall amongst an abundance of tender and flavoursome prosciutto, clearly of high quality. This was complemented by a generous amount of leafy greens and the occasional slice of chilli that provided a refreshing spice. All served on bed on silky smooth, pillowy soft and almost creamy scrambled eggs that was made incredibly flavourful by a generous helping of goats cheese as well as sweet caramelised onions. This was no ordinary egg dish that delivered on all fronts!

The Cured Ocean Trout certainly didn’t disappoint either. The fish itself was tender and fresh, with a delicate softness throughout. The most spectacular bit though was arguably the pumpkin and sweet potato mash. Sitting on top of a thick ciabatta, the mash was well-seasoned and delightfully flavourful. Well balanced in sweetness, the mixture managed to be soft without being overly mushy, offering up a pleasant variation in texture.  The smear of whipped avocado cream was nothing short of spectacular, so airy and light, with a fresh, untainted avocado flavour throughout, which was well contrasted by the crispness of the pine nut crumbs that added a coarseness in texture. With a perfectly poached egg giving way to an exceptionally runny yolk, as well as a refreshing dill and fennel salad, this seemingly light dish most definitely delivered on both flavour and texture.

We concluded our meal with the Banana Bread, and boy was this the most beautiful banana bread we’ve ever laid our hands on. The star of the show was of course the banana bread itself. Baked fresh daily, its still-crusty outer gives way to a moist and soft inner. Without being overly dense nor sweet, the almost cake-like inner was bold with banana flavour. Served alongside were an abundance of fresh and wholesome fruits, including chunks of banana, passionfruit and blueberries. The sweetness of the silky smooth masacrpone provided the perfect topping for the banana bread, which was juxtaposed by the tartness of the berry compote, while the pistachio crumbs and passionfruit seeds offered up a satisfying crunch.

The drinks didn’t disappoint either. The Go Green smoothie tasted aptly healthy but most importantly, delicious. The smoothie had a thick consistency and just a hint of matcha and coconut sensation throughout. The coconut shavings and chia seeds topping off the drink definitely added a welcoming texture to the smoothie. The Chai Latte on the other hand was incredibly fragrant and full-bodied, silky smooth and not overly sweet.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

It’s no easy feat to stand out amongst the crowd of cafes in Inner-East suburb Camberwell, but the newly established Heritage Wall has done just that.

Heritage Wall offers up dishes that not only break the norm in creativity, with unique and innovative combination of ingredients, but also looked and tasted wholesome stunning in every conceivable way. The emphasis on fresh, healthy ingredients executed flawlessly is evident in every item, and needless to say, chef and owner Suresh has definitely made this my new favourite cafe in Melbourne’s East.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Absolutely. Innovative and creative brunch fare done exceptionally. Count me in for more!

Penguineats would like to thank owner Suresh for his generous hospitality and for inviting us to his new cafe Heritage Wall Camberwell.

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