Dear Liza

181 St Kilda Road, St Kilda
03 9534 5492
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  • Baked Mushies
  • Crispy Fish Tacos
  • Chilli Beef Tacos
  • Sauteed Mushroom Tacos
  • Waffle ‘N Fried Chicken
  • Bacon Cheeseburger with
    • Fried Egg
    • Mac & Cheese Patty

The Good

It was a delicious start to our meal with the mushrooms. Cooked in a fragrant and rich garlic butter, the huge mushrooms were incredibly juicy and aromatic. Topped with a generous amount of fluffy goats cheese, each bite offered up plenty of flavour and juicy goodness, which was contrasted by the crunch of the pinenuts sprinkled throughout.

The trio of tacos didn’t disappoint either. The Crispy Fish was fried to a perfect crunch, with juicy and tender fish protein that was well complemented by a refreshing Asian slaw. Scattered all over were an abundance of fried shallots and peanuts that did wonders in adding to the crunch elements of the taco.

Our favourite though must be the Chilli Beef, though this may not be for the faint hearted. Chilli actually means something here and the spice surely kicked in after the first few bites. The pulled beef was delectably tender and succulent, so full of flavour. Complementing it was the sweet charred corn, which was the perfect ingredient to offset the spice from the hot sauce. This was all loaded to the brim on a soft and warm tortilla, these generously sized tacos most definitely satisfied in more ways than one!
The highlight of or meal was undoubtedly the Chicken and Waffles. Piled high, the mountain of golden brown fried chicken exhibited a satisfying crunch with each bite. The thin batter gave way to a tender and well-seasoned inner, and the savoury flavours were perfectly contrasted by the sweetness of the syrup. The best bit of the dish though would be the waffle itself. Made in house, the waffle was incredibly fresh and soft, with a slight crusty outer that gave way to an airy and spongey inner, making it the perfect sponge to soak up all the syrup drizzled around. This was hands down the best chicken and waffles we’ve come across in Melbourne.

Our modified Bacon Cheeseburger was a spectacular sight, and thankfully with taste to match. Opting to add a fried egg and a humongous Mac and Cheese patty, our modifications brought the burger to a whole new level. Sandwiched between the fluffy toasted brioche, we found ourselves confronted by a massive, half-pound beef patty. Cooked to a perfect medium, the still pink inner was incredibly juicy and flavoursome. The coarse grind and the generous seasoning ensured that the beautiful beef flavour was forward and bold, with the quality protein offering up plenty of texture. Sitting on top were generous slices of thick cut, quality bacon fried to a nice crisp. It’s salty sensation perfectly juxtaposed by the sweetness of the caramelised onion jam. The aptly melted American cheese held everything together, while the additional Mac and Cheese Patty offered up extraordinary creaminess and richness, the perfect complement to the buttery brioche sitting underneath.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

We were blown away by our meal at Dear Liza, though it’s no surprise as everything served here is owner Rochelle’s own recipe, and prepare accordingly under her watchful eye.

The Chicken and Waffles were nothing short of spectacular, while the burgers and tacos most definitely ranks amongst the best we’ve sampled in Melbourne. Generous serves of delicious food at a very affordable price, no wonder the locals are in love with Dear Liza!

Would Penguin Eat Again?

You can bet on it! While Dear Liza is an unassuming little eatery along the residential area of Saint Kilda Road, its definitely a hidden gem that everyone should get to know, and not just the locals!

Penguineats would like to thank owner Rochelle for inviting us to Dear Liza.

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