Faraday’s Cage

325-329 Gore Street, Fitzroy
03 8589 1568
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  • House-Made Pear Granola
  • The Mushroom
  • Eggs Benny
  • Ricotta Pancakes
  • Pain au Chocolate

The Good

The Mushrooms was a seemingly simple mushroom dish that certainly surprised us on all fronts. Huge slices of sauteed mushrooms scattered throughout the plate, well seasoned and incredibly juicy. Topping the dish was a perfectly poached egg with an exceptionally runny yolk, though the magic was undoubtedly the crispy outer that surrounded the egg itself, simply amazing. This was well accompanied by a strongly flavoured and smokey mozzarella that offered up good depth in flavour, while the truffle oil drizzled around was the perfect accompaniment to the mushrooms on the dish. Soaking it all up was the thick and exceptionally fluffy house-baked brioche, providing a pleasant buttery flavour that was aromatic though not overpowering. An amazing mushroom dish.

The Eggy Benny didn’t disappoint either. Lathered in a generous coat of slightly spicy chipotle hollandaise, the dish was incredibly appetising and rich. The pulled pork within was exceptionally soft and flavoursome, the tender protein simply melted away in your mouth with a good blend of savoury and sweet. The best bit was arguably the crispy bacon bits topping the egg, offering up plenty of texture and a satisfying crunch that perfectly juxtaposed the soft pulled pork. All served on a thick slice of toasted sourdough that offered plenty of crunch and depth in flavour, this hearty dish definitely satisfied the tastebuds.

Another highlight of our meal was the Ricotta Pancakes. The stunning presentation made way for an exceptional feed, with the pancakes cooked to absolute perfection. Exceptionally fluffy, the two-high stack of pancakes exhibited a soft and airy sensation with each bite. The slight sweetness resulting from the caramelised white chocolate was well complemented by the the generous heap of silky smooth and creamy masacropone topping the stack. Juxtaposing the sweeter components were the refreshing tartness of the passionfruit and fresh berries.

The beautiful House-Made Pear Granola was another standout. The brightly coloured, saffron poached pear was obviously the star of the show, which sat tall above a bed of crunchy and wholesome granola. The fresh berries and acai provided a fruity sensation that was well complemented by the thyme labne, while the honey offered up a pleasant sweetness throughout. However a bit more moisture in the dish would definitely make it more palatable, perhaps a dash of milk would’ve helped.

We finished off our meal with an amazing Pain au Chocolate. Once again baked in-house, the pastry was incredibly flakey and offered up a delicate and crispy outer. The buttery sensation was pleasant though not overpowering, giving way to a slightly dark though generously filled chocolate inner that had just the right balance of sweet and bitter. A near-perfect croissant and definitely one of the best in Melbourne.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

There’s no doubt that the breadwinner, pun intended, for Faraday’s Cage is their baked goods. With a perfectionist head baker preparing everything in-house, simple staples like toast and croissant were made spectacular.

Coupled with a well-executed menu that creatively combines quality, wholesome ingredients, Faraday Cage offers up a thoroughly delicious winning combination that’s almost impossible to beat.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

You can count on it! The thought and care put into every single item was simply incredible and is evident in evert bite – you can definitely taste the difference. This was no ordinary brunch fare, and we will definitely be back for more!

Penguineats would like to thank owner Kim for her generous hospitality and for inviting us to Faraday’s Cage.

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