Billy’s Central

Melbourne Central, Shop 220A, Level 2, 211 La Trobe Street
03 6122 0317
Breakfast, Cafe, Coffee, Coffee and Tea, Healthy Food, Sandwich


  • Salmon Cakes
  • Eggplant Chips
  • Billy’s Deluxe Burger
  • Mushroom Risotto
  • Latte

The Good

We started off with the Salmon Cakes and were presently surprised. The crunchy, golden brown crumbed outer was thin and light, which encased an inner that was generously filled with a mixture of tasty and tender salmon and sweet, juicy corn. With a generous helping of creamy sweet corn puree smeared on top as well as a drizzle of lemon juice, this was one tasty starter.

The highlight of our meal was perhaps the Eggplant Chips. Fried to perfection, the battered offered up the perfect crunch and had just the right amount of thickness. The eggplant within was cooked just right, incredibly soft with a hint of sweetness without being mushy. This was well complemented by a thick, earthy hummus, which made for a incredibly flavourful and texturally diverse experience.

Billy’s Deluxe Burger certainly didn’t disappoint either. The burger was an impressive size, and was served with a huge steak knife stabbed right through. The lightly toasted brioche was soft yet held its structural integrity rather well. Within, the beef patty was incredibly thick and flavourful, though being rather lean, was a tad drier than expected. Fortunately, the liberally applied Gruyere offered up a rich and creamy moisture, and together with it held crispy slices of lean bacon. With a good amount of mustard, tomato sauce and pickles, this bacon cheeseburger that certainly didn’t disappoint on flavour.

The Mediocre

The Mushroom Risotto was unfortunately a bit of a hit and miss on this occasion. Our first risotto was unfortunately undercooked, with bits of rice still hard and crunchy. Fortunately, the second attempt was leaps and bounds better. The Aborio rice was pillowy soft without being glucky, and had a slight creaminess and pleasant mushroom flavour throughout. However, we could’ve definitely done with a lot more truffle oil in the dish that would undoubtedly enhance the overall taste of this otherwise pleasant pasta dish.

The Bad


The Verdict

While we visited this rapidly expanding Billy’s franchise without much expectations, we were definitely surprised in more ways than one. The menu sports a range of healthy and affordable options that not only taste great, but will definitely satisfying your hunger as well.

Located in the prime shopping location between Emporium and Melbourne Central, you’d be hard pressed to find any eatery that rivals Billy’s Central affordability and convenience.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Definitely. Count me in for more Eggplant Chips and Smoothies please!

Penguineats would like to thank Billy’s Central and Fuller PR for inviting us.

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