237 Napier Street, Fitzroy
03 9419 1614
Breakfast, Cafe, Coffee, Coffee and Tea


  • Brunch Bowl
  • Braised Spiced Lamb
  • Golden Gaytime Panna Cotta
  • Beetroot Smoothie

The Good

The Brunch Bowl proved to be a tasty yet incredibly healthy start to our meal. Served warm, the mixture of fresh kale, quinoa and cashew basil pesto offers a fluffy yet textured experience that had great flavour. This was well complemented by slices of squeaky, grilled halloumi and a perfectly poached egg, it’s yolk running down and perfectly hold all the components together.

The Braised Spiced Lamb was simply incredible. Delivering a full-on flavoursome experience, we found the pulled lamb delectably well seasoned and offered up a beautiful lamb aroma. The grain herb salad tasted fresh and wholesome, with flavours enhanced thanks to the creamy yet tangy labneh and picked cabbage. This was well accompanied by a soft and gooey grilled eggplant, providing a hint of sweetness and diversity in texture. A very hearty and satisfying dish.

We concluded on a sweeter note thanks to the Golden Gaytime Panna Cotta. Stunning presentation is an understatement as the beautiful dessert arrived at our table. On top say the highlight, the Chocolate Panna Cotta that was suitably jiggly, incredibly rich, silly smooth, and offered up an unrelentless chocolate flavour that was neither too dark nor sweet. Accompanied by salted caramel and a honeycomb biscuit crunch reminded us of the flavours we have come to love from a Golden Gaytime, while the banana topped with roasted peanuts offers up a wholesome and nutty sensation.

Rounding off our meal, the Beetroot Smoothie was such a refreshing drink. The beetroot provided an intense red colour, its earthy sensation well matched with plenty of berries throughout. Mixed with granola that offered up a texturally diverse experience and yoghurt that thickened the drink, this tasty yet healthy smoothie

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

Situated in the very trendy inner suburb of Fitzroy, Bentwood offers its young patrons a healthy and wholesome brunch fare that’s bound to satisfy.

The generous portions, well-balanced flavours and textures and indulgent choices certainly impressed, and as the newest member in this ever growing cafe group, Bentwood has surely become one of our favourites.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

For sure! That stunning Golden Gaytime Panna Cotta is just divine!

Penguineats would like to thank Bentwood for inviting us.

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