Whitehorse Chloe

T1 / 850 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill
03 9191 7707
Asian, Cafe, Coffee, Coffee and Tea


  • Pork Hock Baked Beans
  • Lap Cheong Scotch Egg
  • Sesame Seed Panna Cotta

The Good

The Pork Hock Baked Beans looked absolutely stunning. The huge, sous-vide pork hock stood front and centre and was lathered with a rich and flavoursome bed of baked beans. The beans were soft without being mushy, and the texture was enhanced thanks to bits of chorizo and tomato scattered throughout. Coupled with the soft and perfectly cooked pork protein that simply fell apart with the push of a fork, this wholesome and hearty dish certainly satisfied our hunger!

Lap Cheong Scotch Egg is Whitehorse Chloe’s decidedly Asian take on the humble Scotch Egg. The beautiful presentation made way for an absolutely delicious dish, with the scotch egg itself being the highlight. The still-runny yolk was enclosed by a generous helping of meaty, minced Lap Cheong, otherwise known as Chinese Sausage. The signature sweet and savoury flavour permeated throughout and was crusted with a crisp, coarse outer fried to perfection. Served alongside was a bed of crunchy heirloom carrots served with brussel sprouts and a heavenly carrot puree.

The Mediocre

We found the Sesame Seed Panna Cotta a tad odd. The panna cotta itself was suitably jiggly and silky smooth, with a pleasant sesame sensation throughout. Unfortunately all the components failed to work together as a whole, and the fruit’s tartness, the richness of the dark chocolate ganache, the buttery sponge just didn’t quite work coherently on our palate.

The Bad


The Verdict

Whitehorse Chloe is a brand new, and much needed addition to the Asian-dominated food scene in Box Hill. The cleverly balanced Asian touches to traditional brunch fare definitely makes this a unique food destination.

Coupled with more than generous portions that are not only Insta-worthy but also tastes the part, it’s definitely worth stopping by when you are in the area!

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Sure. Would love to be back for more Pork Hock!

Penguineats was invited to dine at Whitehorse Chloe.

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