Little Byrd

160 Union Road, Ascot Vale Cafe, Middle Eastern


  • Middle Eastern Platter
  • Open Chicken Souvlaki
  • French Toast

The Good

It was a brilliant start to our meal with the Middle Eastern Platter and the Open Chicken Souvlaki. Piled high on top of a soft, fluffy toasted pita, the mountain of grilled chicken mixed with fresh green salad leaves, and a creamy tzatziki created an incredible combination of appetising flavours. The chicken was definitely the highlight, so tender and juicy, made even tastier thanks to the lightly charred outer. Served with crunchy chips, this was one tasty souva!

The Middle Eastern Platter certainly impressed. The stunning presentation with each component distinctly plated up made for a delicious combination of flavours. The trio of dips were plentiful tasty, with a choice of flavourful capsicum, light yet creamy tzatziki and the earthy, nutty hummus. Served with the dips were of course a mountain of zataar bread that was suitably fluffy and very well spiced. Coupled with juicy sautéed mushrooms and silky smooth scrambled eggs, this was a gigantic dish that most definitely satisfied.

We rounded off the meal with the French Toast. The thick yet fluffy slices of French toast piled high on top of one another and were suitably eggy and spongy. With a hint of sweetness that was made even more intense thanks to a drizzle of maple syrup, we found balance thanks to the slight tartness of the berries solute rounding the dish. With plenty of cookie crumbs scattered throughout offering contrast in textures and a creamy mascarpone holding it altogether, this was a dessert that’s bound to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

Bustling with locals in Ascot Vale, Little Byrd is a cosy neighbourhood gem serving up both traditional breaky items, as well as Middle-Eastern inspired dishes.

We found both equally impressive, and the amazing flavours of their souvlaki and platter, coupled with such generous serving sizes, definitely made it a memorable meal that’s worth travelling for.

Would Penguin Eat Again?


Penguineats would like to thank owner Rabih for inviting us to Little Byrd.

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