Pango Coffee

24 Hall Street, Newport Cafe


  • Corn Fritters
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Roast Pumpkin
  • Tempura Prawn Bao
  • Szechuan Halloumi Bao
  • Crispy Pork Belly Bao
  • Breakfast Board
  • Green Tea Panna Cotta

The Good

Our brunch was off to a stunning start with the Corn Fritters. Beautifully presented as a line on the plate, the crunchy, golden brown fritters were separated by juicy, meaty chunks of grilled miso smoked salmon that had a beautiful umami flavour. The fritters were heavenly soft within its crisp outer, with a beautiful sweetness that’s well accompanied by the guacamole with beans.

We then dug into the Eggs Benedict. With plenty of chipotle hollandaise piled on top, this mountain of eggs and meat looked might impressive. Underneath, the runny yolks of two perfectly poached eggs dribbled onto the heavenly slow cooked pulled beef. The sweet and savoury BBQ sauce was just right, controlled in sweetness and allowed the bold beefy flavour to shine through. The soft heavenly beef simply melted away in your mouth, and it’s irresistible juices were soaked up by the slicd of thick cut sourdough. With a creamy richness and a tinge of spice from the hollandaise, this really was a dish to remember.

We then dug into an arguably healthier, though no less tasty option. The Roast Pumpkin was precariously perched on its side, surrounded with a light, refreshing salad of mixed grains, kale and mint. The coarse, crunchy textures were perfectly juxtaposed by the soft, gooey textures of the roast pumpkin, and this was all held together by a earthy beetroot cream.

An assortment of Baos then arrived. The Tempura Prawn was definitely a highlight. The flakey and crisp golden outer crumbing enclosed juicy, crunchy prawns that were large and fresh. Served with a spicy mayo and sandwiched in the soft bao bun, this was really a perfect combination. We also enjoyed the very flavourful Szechuan Halloumi Bao, which carried plenty of bold, flavourful spices on the slice of grilled Halloumi that’s just enough to give your mouth a tingle.

The Breakfast Board was certainly a breakfast of champions. Loaded with the usual suspects, we found every component as tasty as the next. The Smashed Avo on Toast was incredibly fresh, with seeds mixed in throughout to provide textural diversity and seasoned generously. Next was the Potato Rosti, it’s slightly crisp outer skin peels away and reveals a pillowy, textured inner of perfectly fried potatoes. Rounding it all off was the crunchy house made Granola with Yoghurt, which was topped with plenty of fresh fruits. We washed it all down with a bottle of fresh Orange Juice, and were definitely satisfied by this giant, hearty Breakky Board.

We rounded off our meal on a sweet note with the Green Tea Panna Cotta. The suitably wobbly Panna Cotta was rich and creamy, though could’ve carried a tad more green tea flavour. However the toasted granola was absolutely delicious, lightly sweetened and offering up plenty of crunch. Accompanied by the fresh, slightly tart Strawberries and dollops of fragrant coconut gel, this sweet dessert will satiate any sweet tooth.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

Newly opened and already bustling with locals, Pango is the third of owner Cody’s venues that bring the exceptional brunch experience that’s usually associated with the East to Melbourne’s booming West.

With chef Django at the helm, we found the new menu to be incredibly creative, with bold, complimentary flavours, contrasting textures, and an all round memorable experience. For a salivating brunch that’s bound to satisfy your tastebuds and satiate your hunger, this is the place to be!

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Most definitely! We can’t wait to be back!

Penguineats would like to thank Pango Coffee for inviting us.

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