Beauty and the Beats

1/32 Bendigo St, Richmond VIC 3121
0499 986 986


  • Queens Benedict
  • OMG Perfect Omelette
  • Flat White
  • Latte

The Good

It was a tasty start with the Queens Benedict. The gorgeous pink colours made way for a scrumptious meal. The highlight was undoubtedly the decadent BBQ pulled pork, with such hold, forward flavours that delivers a savoury and umami punch, coupled with a tender and succulent texture that was comforting and effortless. Underneath sat the toasted croissant, which was infinitely buttery but could’ve been a tad crispier. However the two poached eggs were absolute perfection with exceedingly runny yolks. All of this was held together by a beautifully earthy yet creamy beetroot hollandaise.

We also enjoyed the “OMG Perfect Omelette!”. The folded omelette was simple yet tasty. The omelette itself was thick and fluffy, with slight brown edges offering a hint of crispness. Within, the spinach, tomato and mushrooms were fresh and plentiful, offering a chunky, juicy and meaty sensation that was made creamy by the melted cheese.

The Mediocre

Unfortunately the coffees didn’t quite hit the mark. Both the flat white and the latte offered a slightly bitter sensation initially, but not much else in terms of aftertaste or aroma. The milk could’ve been smoother and creamier, though definitely passable. The flavour did improve once the coffees cooled down, but definitely not an excellent cuppa.

The Bad


The Verdict

Situated in a converted warehouse in sleepy suburban Burnley, Beauty and the Beats offers an Asian inspired brunch menu that’s affordable yet tasty.

The food was undoubtedly delicious and full-flavoured, however slight refinements in execution would really bring this to the next level.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Sure. We would happily be back when in the area.

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