Smokehouse 101

101 Rosamond Road, Maribyrnong
03 9972 2622
Australian, BBQ


  • Smokehouse Burger
  • Smokehouse Parma
  • Smokehouse Meat Platter
  • Beef Brisket
  • Pulled Pork
  • Smokehouse Ribs Platter
  • Beef Ribs
  • Lamb Ribs
  • Pork Belly
  • Spicy Pork & Bacon Balls
  • Chilli Wings
  • Spam & Beans
  • Cornbread
  • Fried Chocolate Brownie

The Good

The Smokehouse Parma was undeniably my personal favourite. A lightly crumbed, southern fried, crunchy batter enclosed a thick, juicy and unprocessed chicken breast. Cooked to perfection, the protein was succulent and flavourful. Substituting ham, which is traditionally used in parmas, with smoked bacon proved to be rather ingenious and provided extra depth on flavour. Combined with the home made hot sauce and an abundance of mozzarella cheese, this was undoubtedly the boldest, and most appetising parmas I've had. Hidden underneath the huge bird was a mountain chips. These perfectly fried gems were soft and airy inside, crunchy on the outer. Smothered in an abundance of chilli and other spices, each mouthful was bursting with flavour and crunchiness.

The Smokehouse Burger here was a far cry from any ordinary burger. Sandwiched between the unique South American 'amasado' bun was a humongous, thick beef patty topped with a huge slice of bacon and loaded with cheese. Chomping down on the burger reveals a fully cooked beef patty. Despite this, the meat remained soft and juicy, with a beautiful and aromatic beef flavour permeating throughout. Along with the coleslaw, and an abundance of house made barbecue sauce, the flavours within were well complemented and each and every bite was thoroughly enjoyable.

Within the huge tasting platter were a diverse range of slow cooked meats and a variety of sides. Most notable was the beef brisket, which, along with the succulent, melt in your mouth texture, exhibited a bold smokey aroma that penetrated through the rich beef flavours.

The Spicy Pork and Bacon Balls were another favourite. Springy in texture, these juicy, meaty meatballs packed a punch in terms of flavour and spice.

Breaking up the meatfest were the enticing sides. The traditional cornbread was baked perfectly, with a crunchy outer and an airy inner, it embodied a beautiful corn aroma. Adding an extra twist, honey, to this traditional Southern staple provided an additional sweetness and juxtaposed the salty smokey meats.

The Spam and Beans were a completely foreign dish to me, and I was definitely not disappointed. Hidden away under an exceedingly stringy and cheesy top was a variety of beans and chunks of spam, cooked in a thick, and ever spicy house made chilli. This was lik

Polishing off the meal, we opted for the unique Fried Chocolate Brownie. Served with a side of ice cream topped with raspberries, the brownie had exceptional contrast in texture. The exceedingly crunchy outer provided an enclosure for the moist and fudge-y inner. With a melty rich and creamy chocolate, the ice cream provided much contrast, both in texture as well as temperature.

The Mediocre

While the meats undoubtedly contained a bold, smokey flavour, some components within the platter like the ribs were overpowered by the sheer hotness of the chilli powder. Having spoken to chef Marty, it was revealed that they were forced to change their chilli powder supplier and as a result their dry rub became too spicy. An unfortunately, though perfectly excusable occurrence that's clearly beyond the restaurant's control. Obviously I don't foresee it ever happening again one they get it right.

The Bad


The Verdict

Overall it was an exciting, sensory overload for my tastebuds. This extremely meaty and hearty meal certainly didn't disappoint, and provided a wholesome and very enjoyable feed, smoked meats or otherwise.

With a live band playing on the weekends, Smokehouse is a nice relaxing place to enjoy both the food and the music.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Definitely. The burgers are parmas here undoubtedly stole the show for me, and I'd happily go out on a limb and say this was one of the best parmas I've ever had. Naturally, there's no doubt I'm coming back for more.

I'd like to thank Chef Marty for inviting us and serving up such an enticing slow-cooked, meaty feast.

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