Saint and Rogue

582 Little Collins Street
03 9620 9720
French, Modern Australian, Pub Food


  • Roasted Cauliflower with Three Cheese Arancini
  • House Made Pork and Duck Terrine
  • Cassoulet with Whole Confit Duck Leg, Toulouse Sausage and Haricot Beans
  • Beef Brisket a la Bourguignon
  • Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée
  • Callebaut Belgian Chocolate Pudding

The Good

It was off to a pleasant start with Roasted Cauliflower and Three Cheese Arancini. Fried to a perfect golden brown the crispy outer shell of each arancini enclosed a soft and flavoursome inner. The mixture of three cheese, aptly mushy cauliflower and soft aborio rice ensured a load of flavour with each bite, and the inner softness was well contested by the crunch of the outer. Carefully balanced on top were the two thin slices of quality cheese, offering up complexity and depth in flavour and a welcome creaminess when combined with the aioli.

We also enjoyed the Pork and Duck Terrine. Made in-house, the interlacing of the pork and duck protein ensured a flavoursome and juicy combination. This was well complemented by the occasional crunch of pistachio and sweetness of cranberries throughout. All served on the crispy toast and crackers and smearing on some of beautifully sweet apple chutney, this was one appetising and well-balanced entree.

The highlight of our meal was undoubtedly the Cassoulet. The whole confit duck leg was an impressive sight and tasted just as amazing. The delicately thin, crispy outer skin provided a pleasant savoury sensation, with its fat nicely rendered down to provide a layer of thin crispness. This was well accompanied by the duck meat underneath, incredibly succulent and tender without so much of a hint of toughness. Lying next to the duck leg was the sizeable Toulouse sausage, where the crunch of it’s outer skin reveals a flavoursome and juicy inner. The coarse mince offered up plenty of texture, while the perfect blend of lean and fat offered up such a juicy experience that quite literally squirted out with every bite. This was all served on a bed of well-cooked haricot beans that was neither too mushy nor soft, with just the right firmness and texture, inhibiting much flavours from the rich, tomato based Ragu and of course, delectable duck fat that these French casseroles are traditionally cooked in.

We also enjoyed the Beef Brisket a la Bourguignon. Stunningly presented, the generously sized beef brisket perched precariously on top of a creamy heap of potato mash. The brisket itself was cooked to great tenderness, easily falling apart with the push of a fork. The beef aroma was forward and bold, and the protein was clearly of high quality. Being a bourguignon, we definitely could’ve done with more red wine flavour throughout the protein, and perhaps a fattier cut of brisket would’ve provided even more complex flavours and a juicier experience. Nevertheless, served alongside were crispy Dutch carrots and charred pork belly, both exceptionally fresh and offered up incredible flavours in their own right. This was directly juxtaposed by the softness of the rich, creamy potato mash and the heavenly sweet caramelised whole onion. A flavoursome, hearty dish that certainly didn’t disappoint.

We concluded the evening with the Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée and the Callebaut Belgian Chocolate Pudding.

With a satisfying crack, the top layer of the Creme Brûlée split open to reveal an incredibly luscious and creamy custard. Without being overly sweet, the vanilla sensation was ever present though not overpowering, while the caramelised layer provided boldness and a hint of bitterness throughout that rounded off the sweeter tones. The berry compote offered up a slight tartness and juiciness, which was

The Chocolate Pudding was no less spectacular. Stunningly presented, the crispness of a freshly baked, crusty outer gave way to a spongey and moist dough. With just a hint of dark bitterness, the rich chocolate sauce poured on top was the perfectly sinful accompaniment to the already indulgent chocolate pudding. Served with a creamy vanilla ice cream that provided contrast to the warm cake, this dessert simply ticked all the boxes that one would want in any sweet treat.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

As a bustling venue situated in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, it is clear that Saint and Rogue is no ordinary pub and does remarkably well in differentiating itself. With a French-trained chef at the helm, the menu not only offers up traditional comfort food like pies and parmas, but arguably more exotic and heartier options like the Cassoulet and Bourguignon, both offering up a taste of authentic French cuisine.

Needless to say, the food here was generally very well-executed and made for a delicious feed. With a clear focus on fresh, quality ingredients that are served at generous portion sizes, Saint and Rogue magically transforms an ordinary pub meal into something rather memorable indeed.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Most definitely. Saint and Rogue most definitely presented us a pleasant surprise with the amazing food, and we can’t wait to be back for more!

Penguineats would like to thanks Saint and Rogue for inviting us.

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