Mr Peebles

54 Lower Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe
03 9499 3334
Burger, Cafe, Coffee and Tea


  • Dr. Shrooms
  • Bosco'S Brisket with Extra:
    • Beef Patty
    • Fried Chicken
    • Bacon
    • Cheese
  • Flat White (Bella Blend)
  • Gym Junkie Juice
  • Fresh Start Juice

The Good

The Dr. Shrooms, which are a pair of crumpets, were beautifully presented on a big plate. Topped with an abundance of brown mushrooms and strands of enoki, these pan fried mixture of shrooms were exceptionally juicy and bursting with flavour. With a slight hint of butter, this was well complemented by the lightly toasted and fluffy crumpets underneath. As the yolk came pouring out of the perfectly poached egg, this beautifully complemented the mushrooms and crumpets, and made for a rather delicious and interesting twist to a traditional egg and mushroom breakfast dish.

Contrasting the conventional breakfast choice, we opted for Bosco's Brisket Burger, and added a Beef Patty, a Southern Fried Chicken, Bacon and Cheese. What arrived at our table was huge tower of meats all prepared in different ways. The highlights were undeniably that beautiful southern fried chicken and the beef brisket.

Fried to a crackling dark brown with a nice, hard crunch, enclosed within the Southern Fried batter a piece of perfectly marinated, juicy chicken thigh.

The beef brisket also deserves a special mention, given it was exceedingly succulent and tender. With each bite, the protein simply fell apart and melted in your mouth. The smokiness was ever present yet not overpowering, and with the slight sweetness of the BBQ sauce, this brisket was sensational in and of itself.

All this, and coupled with a juicy, flavourful beef patty and an abundance of melted cheese, this modified Bosco's Brisket Burger was undeniably outrageous, yet exceptionally tasty. It definitely made for the perfect hangover cure.

We also rather enjoyed the freshly squeezed juices. The juices were thick and wholesome, packed full of unadulterated, fresh fruits and vegetables. With a pleasant hint of ginger, the Gym Junkie was the perfect drink to balance out the outrageous custom burger.

Coffees are no doubt an integral part of any cafe, and the Flat White at Mr Peebles definitely held its own. Served nice and hot, just the way I liked, the flavour of their special "Bella" blend was well balanced and forward. Exceptionally smooth, the coffee was very enjoyable, though I didn't quite catch the fruity aftertaste myself.

The Mediocre

I think we could've done with an extra egg on the Dr. Shroom. One egg for each crumpet would be just about perfect!

The Bad


The Verdict

The food was executed flawlessly for the most part, coupled with friendly and attentive service, this made for a very enjoyable brunch experience.

The highlight for me though, was definitely the burger, and I'd highly recommend giving their juicy Beef Brisket or crunchy Fried Chicken a go. Or both.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Definitely With a plethora of breakfast and brunch choices that I'd still love to sample, coupled with a burger menu that you can customise to your heart's content, there is no doubt that I will back for more in a heartbeat.

We would like to thank Mr Peebles for inviting us to their cafe, with an undeniably cute Penguin mascot.

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